WEDU 2.0


Windows Embedded Developer Update (WEDU) is an easy and reliable way to keep current on updates from Microsoft for Windows Embedded development environments. It automatically checks the development environment to ensure developers have the most current product revisions and updates.

It was quite a long and complicated journey to receive updates for (at least XP) Embedded. The ECE Portal has the look and feel like living in the 90ties and the speed/bandwidth none-US users had in this century.

A few months after the initial release of WES7, WEDU 1.0 was released the first time and it worked in some way. The current version is WEDU 1.1 and provides support for the updated DS of WES7 SP1.


  • WEDU 1.1 is available as an separated downloadable application and works only with WES7 (SP1)
  • WEDU 2.0 supports WES7, WES8 and is now included within the WES8CP1 setup.

My POV: WEDU was the first attempt to make Embedded Developers life easier to work with latest available binaries. But out from the official board there are/were some issues that never got addressed and made it sometimes even worse.


Issues with WEDU 1.1

  • Registering the service was a little confusing.
    The design of the interface for the registration was not that intuitive.
  • Outdated-updates can crash the DS
    Yeah, this was a nice/tough one. – There was at least one confirmed update that can cause a crashing the DS because of an update in two different versions. // Deleting the outdated update and rebuilding the index was the only and very time consuming solution.
  • Some updates are only available in ECE and won’t get provided within WEDU.
    I really wished i could say that this is past, but i don’t think this will be.

I really recommend to read the clarification announcement form ECE to understand what gets updated over WEDU and may ECE only channel.


WEDU 2.0 (first Impressions)

ATM (Mar 5, 2012) there are no new/special features, except the catalog/WES8 support to explore. The only remarkable remarkable is the UI. It received a little redesign/facelift which looks better and fits more the embedded economie.


Known Issues (WES8CP1)

  • WEDU 2.0 is not yet hooked up to the backend.
    Scanning for updates for WES7 or WES8 will always result in 0 available updates.

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