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Today i wrote two big feedbacks in the MSDN Forum about the WES8 CTP1 and some MS-Employees already did some nice feedback. I didn’t had much time to test anything else in WES8CTP1 or Win8CP. I did little more experimenting with Win8CP and using the Windows 2 Go feature which is quite brilliant. DAMN I really love this feature… especially the pause/suspend and resume mode while disconnection and attaching the storage.

Now i did some cosmetic’s on the blog. I also integrated a favicon and the Pinned Sites Feature (IE9 only).



I disabled the Pinned Site feature. It messes with the Menu… Unfortunately there is no WP Pinned Site Plug-in which works well or without some other struggling. Any way… isn’t that important.

Nobody is reading this blog at all in this days… but maybe if i go public within the next days. W/o content nobody will read this blog at all and so I’m preparing content all day long. 😉


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