Deniz Görkey

I started with Windows Embedded Systems in 2004. It begun more or less with a coincidence. I got a tablet device without any given support. Windows XP Embedded SP1 did a good job on the device until the Embedded codebase received the SP2 update that including much enhanced features like for the WLAN environment. A few years ago I was contacted to upgrade and enhance some embedded device, but after a few days it became clear to better start from scratch. The ground was given and a long partnership begun and leaded me into the embedded business. Gradually, it turned out that my experience in the unattended-setup field turned more and more to good. I already started to build up my understanding of the general Windows architecture in the nineties. My unattended previous projects were leaded of knowing how to interact with Windows-Setup and e.g. to compromise it to do more than the usual setup-steps or getting another/new user experience right from the very first start.

* 1985 // Germany // Contact: <blogrequest> (at) <domain>