Last week I canceld my old Webhost and changed to one which fits my needs much (much much) more. But unfortunatly most things didn’t work out the way I thought or wanted. Anyway the migration is almost done by now. The blog is running and all data is transfered and should be fine. A complete […]

//Started: Sep 13, 2012 //Last Update: Nov 21, 2012 Windows 8 bypass Metro/Modern UI in the first place Logon-Experience like Windows Server 2012 Small fix is comming within the week for reapply (for those who got Modern UI after Update back) KB2770917 undo the fix. Applying my application after the fix will work, but installing […]

Today i wrote two big feedbacks in the MSDN Forum about the WES8 CTP1 and some MS-Employees already did some nice feedback. I didn’t had much time to test anything else in WES8CTP1 or Win8CP. I did little more experimenting with Win8CP and using the Windows 2 Go feature which is quite brilliant. DAMN I […]

//Last Update: Mar 28, 2012 Windows Embedded Standard 2009 This workaround is about ‘Writing on EWF partition” without knowing any API or paying attention of keeping the file-size the same. I created this workaround some years ago and never was sure to publish it (anywhere) or not. I never read about anything like this approach.

I looked over 600 themes and i still think its not the best choice but pretty close. Some modern Metro-Style as Microsoft uses on there websites seems to complete the over all look and is very issue / blogroll related. 🙂